Anime Weekend Atlanta 8
~ Mid-Day Saturday ~


Ask John

Rurouni Kenshin


Double Chii Action

Caps are still in fashion


Sword Missing?

Alternate Vash


Free drinks by Planet Java

Another Cute Couple





Cool Hat, what are you?

Now entering 'The World'

Digi in Blue

AWA is a Jammin'

All in the Family

Spike is a Pimp

Rikku Here!

We be Chillin'


I'm solemnly proud to be here

Izumi Himuro

Inu Yasha

Don't Taunt Me Fanboy!

Okay, what are you?


The camera I used was a Kodak DX3900 Zoom Digital Camera (3.1 Megapixel). It's a simple hand-held camera that takes very decent pictures. Sure, it's not as good as what Kevin, from A Fan's View, uses; but then again he is a professional photographer.

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Con Report
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