Anime Weekend Atlanta 8
~ Saturday Afternoon ~





A Freak!

Cobra Represents at AWA

Cosplay is Fun, Try it!


Final Fantasy Fun

Nice Head

Excel and Hyatt




Catgirls behind the Booth

Why it's Ed

Seen Austin Powers?

Funky Black Mages






Sailor Neptune

The lovely Newlyweds

Witch Hunter Robin

Hello Lulu

Sumomo and Kotoko

Curse the Sailor Scouts

Tenchi in Jurian Battle Armor

Kero Check

If you see a picture on the site you like and wonder if I have a bigger size of it. Well, I do, and I would be happy to fill your request if you have a picture in mind. Just give me the file number of the pic and the section it's in and I can send it to you. Just so you know though, the original files take up over one megabyte and might not send to your email box.

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Con Report
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