Washu Hakubi
OVA Series/TM! GXP

What's the secret of my Lab?

If you are wondering how I can fit a giant lab into a very small space (beneath the staircase), the answer is Subspace. My lab consists of five planets; the main one at the center surrounded by the other four, which are linked by orbital elevators (you might have seen Ayeka use one). I've built it long ago, and when I moved into the Masaki Household, all I had to do is make a door for it.   [Back]

What are those Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki dolls doing in my computer?

They are internal circuits. Each Ryo-Ohki represents millions of molecular level Ryo-Ohkis. when a micro Ryo-Ohki raises her hand, it represents "0" in binary language, then one communicates with the next forming the circuit. Ryoko represents a bug in the system.   [Back]

How was I able to enter Tenchi's Bedroom?

I knocked on the door. Hehe   Ryo-Ohki did the same by scratching on the door.   [Back]

Is Mihoshi's Grandfather my son?

No. That is just a rumor, those silly kids at the Graduate School probably started it.   [Back]

Is Tokimi and Tsunami my sisters?

Yes. It is a little hard to explain, but to sum it up... yep.   [Back]

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