Sakuya Kumashiro's Destiny

- - A Quote from Sakuya Kumashiro - -

"Tenchi. . . Thankyou for everything! I had a wonderful time today. I come to realize that, even though I still can't remember my past, it doesn't matter anymore. Because I'm creating new magical memories every time I'm with you. And I know as time goes on will have more and more of them to share. I think I was born to fall in love with you Tenchi. Everyday my love for you is becoming more and more real."  -Sakuya


- - Her Destiny - -

I guess it started as soon as Tenchi Masaki joined her High School in Tokyo.
Right away, she fell in love with him. Driven by a force to be with him, she stops at nothing to fulfill her dreams of having a future with Tenchi.

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