Otakon 2005
August 19-21, 2005 - Baltimore, Maryland

Convention Report
Ahh yes, Otakon, the big-ass convention on the East Coast. Because of its size, it offers much more than a regular convention can offer. For example, they get Japanese guests like Masao Maruyama (produced some anime), Toshihiro Kawamoto (drew a Gundam), and Seiji Mizushima (directed people to make more anime). American guests like Luci Christian (voice actress), Richard Cox (another voice actor), and Scott McNeil (you guessed it, another voice actor). But how many conventions can pull a pop band from Japan, the Indigo (between Blue and Green). And let us not forget Fred Gallagher (draws manga online without color), who told us what Manga is.

But Otakon is much more than that, it has varaity. So if meeting foreign and domestic guest ain't your thing, you could do other things like gaming, watch anime, cosplay, do artisic stuff, go to panals, shop in the dealers room, or get plenty of excersize by walking from one end of the convention center to the other. Yes, Otakon has a lot of stuff, you cannot help but miss stuff. I for one, was looking forward to the 4chan panel, only get turned away because of stupid fire codes. Anyway, I think a majority of the people that went to the convention had a good time; I believe I did as well. I could do a play-by-play of the convention for you all, but I've already posted that stuff on my LiveJournal, so check that out if you are more interested in my time there than the pictures hosted on this page.

Overall, I took a lot of pictures; but, in the end, I have posted 178 pictures, broken into six section on this site. I did not go to the Masquerade, so if there was any kick-ass cosplayers in it, I probably never got their picture. And yes, the convention is very big, I didn't get everyone that cosplayed; I doubt even Kevin, from a Fans View, did either. Remember that pictures posted here are not the originals (which are much bigger), and I can send those out to people, by special request only. Popular cosplays were: Naruto, Final Fantasy, Bleach, One Piece, Yugioh, Clamp, old school 8-bit characters, Tokyo Mew-Mew, Sailor Moon, and several others I don't remember at this time.

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