Nekocon 6
~ ~ November 7-9, chillin' at the Holiday Inn in Virginia Beach, VA ~ ~

Convention Report
Nekocon 6 brought back many memories for me. Because the first Anime convention was at the same Holiday Inn in Virginia Beach; but at that time it was known as Katsucon. It has been many moons since I was last there, oddly though, not much has changed. And even though a Hurricane has swept through the area, you couldn't really tell; which is either a good or bad thing.

As for the convention itself, being the first time at Nekocon. . . it sucked. The biggest problem with the whole convention was the overcrowding. By Friday afternoon, the convention hit its convention cap at 1,600 people; which made the convention rather tight. Next issue was the occupancy limits in almost every room, especially the 200 person limit to the Dealer's room. And if that wasn't annoying enough, the majority of the staff working there was extremely anal; several getting in my face about using a camera in unauthorized areas (I'm sorry I'm not Kevin from A Fan's View). Those alone pretty much ruined the whole con experience for me; and I am making no plans for a return trip to Nekocon to see if things change. I'm convinced now that I have well moved away from the joys of small conventions, the charm is gone in them for me.

Luckily, it wasn't all suck-ass, I did get to take several pictures of cosplayers and what not (155 pictures taken/105 pictures on page). The two art galleries had some nice fan art, plus the people working there were friendly. Also played in the video games room and the hotel staff at the hotel was extremely friendly and curtsies. So things were not all bad, just generally.

It is possible that I might have had too high of hopes for this convention. Friday was my birthday and it was very lack-luster at that, with very few friends able to attend Nekocon and so forth. The only memorable moment of the whole convention was that some dumb ass pulled the fire alarm; seeing the bewildered look of the fire department trying to figure out what was going on at this convention was humorous. By the way kids, pulling fire alarms is a sure way to get kicked out of any convention, so don't do it.

By noon Sunday, I ate lunch at the Olive Garden and then headed home; probably the earliest I have left from a convention. I feel almost guilty for giving a bad review for my experience with Nekocon, but I have to go with my gut and tell it like it is. So sorry Nekocon, you didn't impress me!

~ The Front Lobby ~

~ Video Games ~

~ Artist Alley ~

~ Dealer's Room ~

Next convention scheduled is Katsucon in Arlington, Virginia. Don't forget to checkout A Fan's View for more pictures from Nekocon 6. If you have any questions, comments, or just wanna say hi, just contact me via AIM, ICQ or Livejournal. Thanks for visiting Little Washu's Cosplay Report on Nekocon 6, please come again.

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