Anime Weekend Atlanta 4
October 9-11, 1998 - Atlanta, Georgia

My third time at Anime Weekend Atlanta, accompanied by my friend from WCU Joseph Owens, and later on James Bolick. The convention was held at the Marriott North Central Hotel, which is North Central of Atlanta (duh!). As usual, the gang at AWA made another silly program which resembled a comic book, just a bit more twisted. With the same cast of characters hosting the event like last year, but with an extra zing.

Special Guests included: Ippongi Bang (Everything), Steve Bennett (Studio IronKatt), Michael Brady (American Voice Actor), Juliet Cesario (American Voice Actress), C. Martin Crocker (Zorak & Moltar), Amy Howard (American Voice Actress), Mio Odagi (Manga Artist), Yukio Mishima (Japanese Writer), and many more.

The most exciting moments in the convention included the Cosplay, Dub it your own Darn Self, Music Video Contest, and Space Ghost Rules. What I should have avoided were Fan Subtitling and Meet the Con Chairs. As usual, Anime Weekend Atlanta had filled my weekend of fun that would normally be left void; if that makes any damn sense.

Most Common Costume Themes:  Final Fantasy, Fushigi Yuugi, Magic Knight Rayearth, and Slayers
Best Costume:  Cat Girl

Joseph Owens, JAS Treasurer

Women here are real feline

Sailor Scouts

Umi and Mokona

Ippongi Bang

It's a Star Blazer's Union

Urd and Belldandy

Ascot in da house

Rurouni Kenshin

Jesse, from Team Rocket

Amilia, Zelgadis, and Lina

Ah! Lum

Winni the Pooh?!?

More Rurouni Kenshin

Final Fantasy


Blue Thunder Kuno

Pimp-daddy and his chicks

A Captain Harlock Moment

Happy Happy, Joy Joy

The Entire Cast of Fushigi Yuugi

Con's Favorite, Little Washu

Got any Blue Seeds?

I call on the Magic Knights

Can't have a Con without Mecha

A Real Kick-Ass Cat Girl

That's one big Sugardaddy

All Hail!

Sakuya, from Shin Tenchi Muyo!

Here comes the Eva girls

Mio Odagi

Mononoke Hime

Caldina from Magic Knights Rayearth

Oh No, it's Larva

Ippongi Bang Again

Ukyou, Where's Tsubasa?

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