May 27-29, 2005 - Durham, North Carolina

Convention Report
Animazement for me was a last minute trip, did not preplan this trip like others in the past and wasn't too excited about it. I felt after last year's convention, that Animazement has lost a lot in the Convention wars. It doesn't pull anymore industry to the convention nor a lot of vendors, who are now streched to other conventions that same weekend. It has remainded one of the smaller conventions, pulling around two thousand people; and this maybe big enough for some. The convention is still mananged very well and it pulls several big japanese guests. But I defentily don't have plans to go again next year; because its the same stuff over and over again, and it will probably never grow. Is it there fault, not really... I have been to several conventions now and have a good view of each; I have found that mid-size and large conventions tend to do well with a mix of everything; though they have their drawbacks too. In closing, I would say Animazement is the perfect starter con, for the newbies and peeps that never been to one before. Because wants you been on the circuit to other conventions that are 10x the size of Animazement, like me, you may reconsider ever going to a small con again.

I took over 200 pictures of the convention. After tossing crappy pictures, I was reduced to 172. Of those, I have posted 134 online, broken into three sections. All pictures on site have been cropped to around 400 height and 220-280 widths; actual pictures sizes were 1440x2160, which can be emailed upon request only. Popular cosplays were Naruto, Final Fantasy, and Bleach. I apologize the length it took to post the pictures from Animazement, I got kinda lazy. >_<

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~ Section C ~

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