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Gee Professor Oak, nice Pokemon

Ah... Belldandy!


Radical Ed with Ein

Bad-Ass Kitty

Smile-Happy Athena

Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting

Why it's Sana-chan and Hayama

Vash "New England" Stampede

Pose, Kitty-Girl, Pose

Better be good, or else

Seiryuu & Suzaku



The Chun-li Victory Pose

Merle from Escaflowne

Cute Puchiko with Gemma

Selphie and Rinoa

Trigun Chicks, without Meryl

Larva justs kicks-ass!

I found KuroNekoSama!

Angel as Rabi~en~Rose

Loven' every minute of it

That's a Mighty Big Mallet you have

Aya & Ceres

Remember, never ask questions!


The Plushie Mascots Gang

You Go Natsuki

Just Bust-A-Move


DiGi Charat peeps


Isn't this Cheating?

The secret of getting cosplayers to pose for you is simple. You club'em over the head from behind, prop them up against the wall and take the picture. Simple, isn't it! Now you go and try it! ^_^ Remember to leave the scene once you got your picture... very important to leave the scene!

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