March 10-12, 2000 - Raleigh, North Carolina

This was my second trip to Animazement in its three year history. From March 10-12, I wandered around inside the Hilton North Raleigh and made several cool pictures of con goers doing what they do best: dressing up in cool costumes. It was also good to see several of my friends from the WCU Japanese Animation Society in attendance most of whom I haven't seen since my graduation from last December.

The best events at Animazement to me had to be the Cos-Play, Corn Pone Flicks Hell-a-Thon, Music Video Contest, and Dormitory Iron Chef. The events I wished I made it to were the Pre-Con Night, Rurouni Kenshin Fan Panel, and Cel Collection Fan Panel. The most disturbing events was definitely the Karaoke/Gong Show Karaoke.

Guests of Honor included:  Kia Asamiya (Manga Artist), Kunihiko Ikuhara (Anime Director), Chiho Saito (Shoujo Manga Artist), Kazuto Nakazawa (Animator), Rachael Lillis (American Voice Actress), Lisa Ortiz (American Voice Actress), and many more.

Most Common Costume Themes:  Pokémon, Ranma ½, Slayers, and Utena
Best Costume:  Card Captor Sakura


Armed and Dangerous

Jim and Cristina, there from WCU

Rezo, the Red Preist

Alisa, Styling and Profiling

Takuma doing his little dance

Entering the Digimon World Now

So, what is underneath the cape?

Don't you fly a Gundam?

What Lovely Wicked Girls

Fushigi Yuugi, all together now

Anyone for a game of Spades?

Iris, from Sakura Wars

Straight out of Utena

It's fun-loven' Bulletta

Even more Utena

Animazement or Wonderland?

James, Wannabe Manga Artist

Mitsukake, Mai, and Terry

Oh! Happy Days

Pretty Mylene

It's Comet, please dance for us

Jim on his Acid Trip

Nadia, Mistress 9, and Asaka

Filia, making money

Lina Inverse, about to spend it

Cute little bunny girl

Yuri, giving some Dirty Pair action

Hello Urd

The Priestesses of Mt. Muldoon

Let me guess, Utena?

Did you get that license plate?

Oh No! It's Team Rocket

Dressed for success

Lick my boots, fangirl!

And the winner is...

The episode you missed

Oh My Goddess!

A double-dose of cuteness

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