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Sasami Magical Girl Club
Sasami Jurai
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki & Tenchi Muyo! GXP

Sasami is the little sister of Ayeka and daughter of Misaki. Always very helpful in the house with chores, she can however have a mischievous streak that sometimes gets her in trouble. She also had a secret for a long time that she believed she was a creation of Tsunami, and that the real Sasami had died. However, Tsunami admits to Ayeka and Tenchi that she actually survived by assimilation with her. When Sasami gets older, she will then have a complete memory and all will become clear to her.

Sasami Jurai
TV Series/Tenchi in Tokyo

Sasami is the little sister of Ayeka and probably the most helpful person in the entire Masaki Household. Though she likes Tenchi a lot, she doesn't appreciate how the other girls treat him. Sasami is also a very trusting person, and believes that everyone has good in them. Sasami is probably the only girl in the house that has Katsuhito's approval to marry Tenchi. ^_^

Sasami Kawai
Pretty Sammy OVA & TV Series

Sasami is very smart and enthusiastic, not surprisingly one of my favorite students. However, Sasami has a secret identity as the Magical Girl Pretty Sammy! With Ryo-Ohki as her guide, she fights against love-love monsters and help restore people's emotions. Just ask Biff Standard.

Sasami Iwakura
Sasami Magical Girl Club

A fifth grader in class 2, Sasami is a member of the cooking club. She is also one of the first two members of the magical girl club.

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