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Mihoshi Special

Tenchi Muyo in Love!

Tenchi in Tokyo
Mihoshi Kuramitsu
OVA Series/TM! GXP

The blonde stereotype is an understatement when you talk about Mihoshi. What she lacks in smarts, she makes-up in luck. And she is, without a doubt, the luckest person in the universe. Her grandfather, who just so happens to be the Marshal, tends to spoil Mihoshi a lot. It is no surprise that her cube is an illeagel version (all Galaxy Police get a cube, but Mihoshi's has many more functions). Her ship is also a gift from her grandfather, it special feature is that it can automaticly upgrade itself (look closely when you first see it and then see it again later). Though Mihoshi is probably the nices person you'll ever meet, she is also the most dangerous person in the entire galaxy.

Mihoshi Kuramitsu
TV Series/Tenchi in Tokyo

Mihoshi and her partner Kiyone are both dectives for the Galaxy Police. Unfortunitly, she tends to get herself in more trouble than the people she is trying to capture. Luckely Kiyone is around to keep her straight.

Pretty Sammy OVA Series

Mihoshi is a college student, who also works at the music store when she isn't at school. She lives together with Kiyone, who are long-time friends. Her favorite hobby is counting all the rejections Kiyone gets with boys.

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