Mihoshi Special

TV Series

Daughter of Darkness

Tenchi in Tokyo
Kiyone Makibi
Mihoshi Special/TV Series/Tenchi in Tokyo

As Mihoshi's level-headed partner, Kiyone keeps complete composure even under extreme stress (mostly caused by Mihoshi). With that death or glory spirit, she takes every assignment seriously and always get her man, only to see Mihoshi free them later! She hopes that one day she will capture some infamous space pirate, which will boost her career.

Pretty Sammy OVA Series

Kiyone works in a music store under the supervision of Chihiro Kawai. Kiyone is still a little bitter for not getting into college, yet Mihoshi did. She is also not lucky when it comes to boys, just ask Mihoshi (she keeps count). Nonetheless, Kiyone is probably the most sane person around.

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