OVA Series

Tenchi Forever
Katsuhito Masaki
OVA Series/TM! GXP

As Tenchi's Grandfather and protector of the Masaki Shrine, Katsuhito is also kown as Yosho, the Prince of the planet Jurai. Though he did plan to return home after his victory against Ryoko, something came up and decided to stay on Earth.

Katsuhito Masaki
TV Series/Tenchi in Tokyo

Katsuhito is the father of Achika and the grandfather of Tenchi. Priest and protector of the Misaki Shrine, he usually spends his time cleaning, practicing rituals, and make sure Tenchi does not do anything stupid. Katsuhito holds several secrets that can explain many things, but enjoys it more when Tenchi discovers them on his own His hope though is that Tenchi will carry on his work when the time comes.

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